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This is the true story of Hawai’i’s treacherous past, endangered present, and shining future.

Ku I Ka Mana Hawai’i Nei!  The Mana is Rising in all of Hawai’i!

On January 17, 1893, Ke Aupuni O Hawai’i – the Kingdom of Hawai’i, a sovereign nation, was illegally invaded and occupied. Her Queen, Lili’uokalani, was overthrown at gunpoint by those acting on behalf of the United States of America.

Although the Queen was unable to restore the Hawaiian nation during her lifetime, she believed that one day, the Kingdom of Hawai’i would be restored.  In 2002, the Queen’s cousin, King Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr., legally restored Ke Aupuni O Hawai’i under international law.

King Keli’i is “The Invisible King”… who is not only exposing Hawaii’s past history, but is actively restoring a nation – an undertaking which takes extraordinary courage and determination to stay the course.  This is a story that must be told, a story which is one of many “disclosures” that is currently making their way into our changing world.



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